Copenhagen JavaScript Jeopardy

Welcome to the CopenhagenJS JavaScript Jeopardy where you can win amazing prizes. It will be a wonderful evening with lots of fun and questions from categories such as “Famous JavaScript Persons”, “JavaScript Quirks” and “HTML tags”. Do you think you know all the answers for those categories and more, then wait no more and signup under here!

The night will look the following:

The quiz will be working this way: First there will a normal round where everybody can participate, then the best 3 will be selected to get up and play the original Jeopardy, where they have to buzz in and answer the question out loud and where every wrong question will be penalized with the amount deducted from their score.

Looking forward to seeing you!

@kevinsimper / CopenhagenJS Organizer

Our gracious host

This CopenhagenJS meetup is hosted by FoundersHouse