On the Global Day of Coderetreat, there will also be a code retreat in Copenhagen. Having been to the code retreat in Berlin in July, I can only recommend participation in a code retreat. Great opportunities for picking up new skills, improving existing skills and meeting new people.

From the coderetreat entry:

Global Day of Coderetreat is about appreciating and improving the software craft. The Copenhagen edition will be held at the AppHarbor office in Founders House. AppHarbor will sponsor lunch for the attendees.

Please join us at a quest for challenging our assumptions about the way we write code. Go to the Coderetreat website to learn more about the format - or just show up with your laptop this Saturday. If people prefer, we can grab a beer afterwards to sum up the day and socialize with fellow craftsmen.

The event takes place at Founders House from 10am to 6pm on Saturday, 2011-12-03.

The organiser of the code retreat in Copenhagen has also posted details in the CopenhagenJS Google Group

I hope to see you there!