Newsflash: We now also have a fourth event on MongoDB, the 29th! Scroll down for details and sign up!

October is going to be a very busy month for the Community, we are going to have four events, and have an opportunity for yet another talk.

So mark your calendar for

  • October 11th: Couchbase event
  • October 16th: HTML5 conference
  • October 18th: CopenhagenJS meetup
  • October 29th: MongoDB event

October 11th — Couchbase event

J Chris Anderson @jchris, co-founder of Couchbase will be dropping by in Copenhagen and has offered to give a talk at CopenhagenJS.

So, we are happy to organise a bonus event for the community in October.

When: 2012-10-11 19:00

Where: Founders House, Gothersgade 8B, 2fl, Boltens Gaard, 1123 Copenhagen.


There is limited seating for this event, register below.

October 16th — HTML5 conference

Together with our friends at Lat55, CopenhagenJS organises the HTML5 conference "Create The Web" in Copenhagen.

With HTML5 and CSS3, there's lots of new possibilities, but also a great need for new development tools. Adobe is very engaged in the open source tools that exist now and are coming. Create The Web is a worldwide tour where Adobe's developers talk about the latest and greatest in web standards and web development tools.


Who: Designers and developers creating content for the modern web

What: Create the Web – an evening event covering tools, technologies, and best practices for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with focus on design, motion graphics, and web development.

When: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 from 6.00 PM

Where: ProData, Stamholmen 157, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark. Transports will be available from Stortorget, Malmö, Sweden at 5.00 PM

How Much: Free and open to the public (Limited space and Registration required)

Transports will be available from Malmö Stortorget at 5.00 PM. At the venue you will be served food and drinks.


To be announced!

October 18th — CopenhagenJS meetup

Our regular scheduled meeting will be on the 18th, as it's the third thursday of the month.

October 29th — MongoDB event

##Ensuring High Availability for Real-time Analytics

Real time analytics is a compelling use case for MongoDB, but only if everything is up and running smoothly. We'll talk about how to set up and configure MongoDB to maintain high performance and redundancy. This will cover what to consider for high write throughput performance from hardware configuration through to the use of replica sets, multi-data centre deployments, monitoring and sharding to ensure your database is fast and stays online.

David Mytton is the founder of Server Density. He has been programming in PHP and Python for over 10 years, regularly speaks about MongoDB (including running the London MongoDB User Group), co-founded the Open Rights Group and can often be found cycling in London or drinking tea in Japan.

When: Monday October 29th, from 7.00 PM.

Where: This meetup is hosted by Foo Café, Media Evolution City at Stora Varvsgatan 6a, Malmö

Price: Free ##Sign up