Dear javascripters of the Copenhagen area, welcome to 2013. If 2012 was any indication of what the future has in store for this community, we are looking into a bright and very busy future.

Already this january we have something special in store for you: Future of Internet Explorer

New years usually mean fresh starts, and to give CopenhagenJS the best start possible we would like to welcome newcomers and refresh the memories of regulars with a few bits of information to help us organize 2013.

Join the community

If you are interested in following the upcoming meetups you can subscribe to the CopenhagenJS series on Lanyrd either by calendar or RSS

Keep in touch with us and the community by following our twitter account or subscribing to google group. You can also email the organizers directly.


To make each meetup a special experience for everyone, we need interesting ideas to inspire us and to get the discussion going. We encourage you to gather the courage to give a talk at a meetup. If you don't feel up for the whole 40 minute marathon slideshow talk, lightning talks are just as fine. Remember that you know more than you think, and your perspective on even the most common thing may be unique. Keep the community healthy by giving your own talk on a subject dear to you.


CopenhagenJS luckily hasn't had a shortage of hosts in 2012. However it is easier to plan the meetups and give you longer notice on where meetups are going to be, if we have a known venue ahead of time. If you work at, or know any venue that would be interested in hosting a CopenhagenJS meetup, please send us a message. Hosting a meetup doesn't have to be difficult. The basic requirements are a projector/screen, power outlets and water. More luxury is of course appreciated, but we prefer having a basic venue over not having one at all, so don't be scared of not living up to expectations.

See you in 2013

We hope to see you soon and many times over during 2013. Remember to spread the word and bring your friends so we can meet all of the awesome people interested in javascript and front end technologies in the Copenhagen area. The next meetup is January 17th at Foo Café, See you there?