Thu Feb 20 2014 19:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Welcome to our february meetup

The february meetup will be hosted by Rocket Labs.

We will be sharing the space with a group of entrepeneurs from germany, so polish up your german skills and get ready to mingle :)

Sponsored by Iconfinder

While Rocket Labs are a great venue, they do sadly not have a budget to sponsor drinks for the evening. Luckily our great friends at [Iconfinder]( have offered to sponsor drinks for us!

Getting to the venue

We often have guests from outside of Copenhagen, and we of course hope that our swedish friends will join us yet again. The best way to get to the venue is to take bus route 5A towards Husum St. and walk from the Frederiksborgvej stop. Example from Nørreport

Be a winner!

[Front-Trends]( have given us a ticket to their 2014 conference which we are going to raffle out at this meetup. Sign up as an attendee on lanyrd and be at the meetup to win it!

Remember to sign up as an attendee in order to take part in our JetBrains License Raffle!

Jacob Andresen will also talk about his experience with technical writing and bring us some copies of ExtJS in Action, second edition

Help us find speakers

Do you know of some web technology topic that might be interesting to you? Maybe even to others?

Do you maybe even know of someone who might give a talk about that subject? Is that someone maybe you?

Why not give us a hand and give us some speaker suggestions. It will make the organization of CopenhagenJS easier and will keep the content interesting and diverse. This is a way that you can contribute to making our community great. We appreciate it!