In this workshop, we will look at how to create blockchain applications with Ethereum. We will give a how to get started with cryptocurrency and the tools you need to make your own blockchain apps. So join and meet others, and create your first blockchain app! I promise it is easier than you think! :D

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In this workshop we will go through the following with Ethereum: - How to setup your computer with local blockchain - How to create an ethereum wallet - How to make your first blockchain transaction - How to create your first HelloWorld blockchain app - How to interact with your blockchain app - How to distribute your app to your friends

Schedule: 17:00 Doors Open 17:30 Welcome 17:40 Blockchain & Ethereum - how andwhy to get started? 18:00 Exercises with Ethereum 18:30 Sandwiches and drinks 18:50 How to deploy blockchain 19:10 Exercises for deploying blockchain apps 20:30 Follow up talk and networking!

Why are we doing this? Blockchain is an interesting technology that is talked about more than it is used, but blockchain is thriving and enables anyone to create an application like Firebase. Blockchain does not need to be about money! That is what I want to show with this workshop!

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What is Ethereum? If you want a quick introduction to Ethereum, you can read this article at Sitepoint which tells a good story:

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