Thu Jul 18 2019 17:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

CopenhagenJS July - Mærsk

Hello everyone 😄, It is time for the July edition of CopenhagenJS. We are being hosted by Mærsk.


17:00 Doors open
17:45 Welcome
18:00 A journey => A developer by Zoey Zou
18:25 Break with food and drinks
19:00 Deciding on a frontend framework and how we chose vue.js - Sumit Kumar
19:30 Mythbusting around GraphQL - Uri Goldshtein
20:00 Group photo
20:05 Raffle.js
20:30 See you next time!

About the speakers

Zoey Zou:

She came from a non-technical background -- a former buyer made to a developer, currently working in Pleo as frontend developer, as well as part-time meetup enthusiast. As someone who just had a career transform, she has her unique stories to tell -- for those who want to start something new or get some inspiration.

Uri Godshtein:

After doing GraphQL in production with small and large companies, Uri Goldshtein from The Guild would try to change the misinformation you might have about GraphQL with real production use cases and to show you how you can start using it today on any app.

Sumit Kumar:

Sumit is a Developer Advocate and Frontend Expert currently working at car2go / SHARE NOW and lead the decision making process on a frontend framework for all of the companies web-apps and websites. Previously he built teams and/or web applications for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Hugo Boss, and others. In his spare time, he works on open source software and many side projects.

What is CopenhagenJS?

CopenhagenJs is a community group in Copenhagen for all JavaScript developers. We get together and share things we work on and really like. We talk about various technologies that we either use on a day to day basis or aspire to use.

Can I present something at CopenhagenJS?

Definitely, CopenhagenJS is for and by the community, so you are more than welcome to talk about things that you find interesting and we will assist you with your speaking if you are new or have any difficulties. You can contact us with a private message or comment here on, or on any social network where you can find us.

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Looking forward to seeing you!

Friendly regards Zoey, Paul, and Kevin