Thu Aug 29 2019 17:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

JavaScript testing workshop - learn how to write test

Hi everyone, It's almost the end of summer and here we are gathering again to learn from each other and to forget about the sound of the cold wind and rain which are getting louder and louder :-)

We are going to talk about testing in JavaScript. We are going to use the framework and we are going to take it from scratch.

Bring yourself and projects along and we together are gonna help each other to get our unit tests up and running

SIgn up with the form here, then you will get updates about venue:


17:00 Doors open
17:30 Welcome
17:50 Brief introduction to TDD and available test frameworks for frontend
18:15 Hands-on - Setting up Jest / Migrating from Karma (or any others) to Jest
18:45 Food break
19:15 How to test a component, service, reducer, effect and action? And what on earth is snapshot testing?
19:30 Hands-on Writing tests for component, service, etc
20:00 Best practices with testing consisting of naming, assertions, what should be tested and dealing with external resources
20:30 See you next time

What to bring:

Remember your laptop and charger. Fill out form:

What is a good workshop? You can read more about what we think is a good workshop here

You can with great benefit look at Jest at home and try out it, at the workshop we are going to help answer any questions you maybe didn’t find the answer to. This video by Kevin shows you how to get started with Jest.

Best regards Kevin and Mohsen