Mon Sep 02 2019 17:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Public Speaking Workshop - Learn how to give your first tech talk

Hi 😄, have you always wanted to give a talk at CopenhagenJS, but always felt short on the right idea, the courage or the inspiration? This meetup is all about helping you who haven't spoken at a meetup before. We will discuss topic ideas and storytelling, getting into the nitty gritty of what makes a good meetup talk.

Why: Giving a talk is fun! You will share cool stuff with one of the nicest communities in Copenhagen :) Most likely, you'll also learn a lot of stuff while preparing the talk and meet cool new friends after the talk. If you feel like you want to give a talk, but might be holding back for any reason, this event is for you!

Who: This is for anyone who might be interested in one day giving a talk. We strongly encourage beginners and people new to the field. Remember, no matter how novice you may feel, you care about a topic that people would be delighted to hear about.


17:00 Doors open
17:30 Welcome by Zoey
17:40 How to give your first talk? What to talk about?
18:00 Workshop content part one - generating and writing down ideas
18:30 Break with snack/drinks and Q&A - ask people to think about what they can give a brief talk
19:00 Workshop content part two - How to present it
19:30 Talk about some technical related experience/struggle for 2mins, either use the general guidelines, or their own ideas written down before
20:00 Community time
20:30 Thank you for this time - door closes

What to bring?

  • Your computer or something to write on
  • Good mood 😄

Remember to check out the website and also find our Facebook page

Best regards Zoey & Kevin