Mon Dec 16 2019 17:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

CopenhagenJS December -

Hi everyone 😄 Last CopenhagenJS meetup of the year and even last CopenhagenJS meetup of this decade. Let us look back on this year and celebrate the good presentations and things there has happened! We will vote before the meetup and announce the results at the event. This is going to be fun!

CopenhagenJS Awards - Annoncement winners We will nominate and make a form where one can vote on what is the best in different categories.


17:00 Doors open
17:45 Welcome
18:00 Blogging: good for your brain, colleagues and career - Jonathan M. Hethey
18:25 Break with food and drinks
19:00 CopenhagenJS Awards - Annoncement winners
19:25 Making an Chrome Extentension - Monkey Worker - Andreas Gade Jensen
19:50 Group photo
19:55 Raffle.js
20:00 Socializing - meet the community
21:00 See you next time!

What is CopenhagenJS?

CopenhagenJs is a community group in Copenhagen for all JavaScript developers. We get together and share things we work on and really like. We talk about various technologies that we either use on a day to day basis or aspire to use.

Can I present something at CopenhagenJS?

Definitely, CopenhagenJS is for and by the community, so you are more than welcome to talk about things that you find interesting and we will assist you with your speaking if you are new or have any difficulties. You can contact us with a private message or comment here on, or on any social network where you can find us.

Also remember to check out HackXmas which is also a event we are co-organizing!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Friendly regards Jonathan, Kevin and Zoey