Our next meetup will take place at

Wednesday, September 03, 18:00

Special event: Keyboard Warriors

Our September meetup is a bit different than normally. We have moved our meetup date and merged the event with Coldfront. What came out was Keyboard Warriors, an evening of lightning talk sessions and mingling with the Coldfront attendees.

We hope you'll join us at Nørrebro Bryghus, for what might become the biggest meetup this year.

If you'd like to give a lightning talk (5-15 minutes), there are still slots open. Ping us on @copenhagenjs and we'll add you to the schedule.


No meetup September 18th

Since we have limited time in the conference month of September we have decided not to have a meetup on our usual scheduled date, 3rd thursday of the month, September 18th.

However, if you feel like mingling, and maybe expanding your horizon, there is a new player in town!

Our friends at CPH Gophers have filled the time slot with their first ever meetup. We're not experts at Go in CopenhagenJS, but we certainly welcome the opportunity to learn new things. We hope you will do the same. Follow them on @cphgophers if you want to keep in touch.



Please visit the Lanyrd page and let us know if you're attending. It greatly helps us coordinate with the venue to set out chairs, drinks, etc.

Organizers and sponsors

CopenhagenJS is a voluntarily community run by our three organizers. We are grateful to be sponsored by a few companies, so we can make video recordings of the meetups and buy beers, soda and snacks when our host's can't.

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